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Maple Grove Horse Sanctuary is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation that was established in 2016.  Even though the sanctuary has recently been established, it has been caring for unwanted horses long before that.  Starting in 2009, we received our first horse.  Even though this horse was not a rescue, and we paid for the horse, it is definitely what started the love and respect for such an amazing animal.  It became a pleasure to become a part of this horses life.

The sanctuary does not rehome any of the animals that arrive here.  Once they become a resident of the sanctuary, they will spend the rest of their lives here.  We are also a no-kill facility until all other options have been exhausted, and quality-of-life has declined to a point where there is no other option.  We have a very strict farrier and veterinary program that also contributes to a horses quality-of-life.

Over the last 10 years we have received an additional 20 horses that now reside at the sanctuary.  They are all different shapes, sizes, ages, colors, and personalities.  It is our extended family and like family, they all have different needs and we adhere to those needs with compassion and understanding.  Horses are a very proud and majestic creature that truly deserve our respect.

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