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Bella and Indy






Indy, Bella and Mac arrived in 2017 and arrived as a group.  Bella is a short, round quarter horse and we think around twelve years old.  Bella does not seem to be the biggest fan of people, but tolerates being brushed if she has a halter on.  Bella is Indys mother.

When Indy arrived here he was two years old and gelded.  He is your typical toddler and into everything.  He is not scared of anything and always seems to be getting into something.  He is quite gentle and loves people and is just fun to be around.  He enjoys pulling off your hat or taking anything you have that you put down and are not keeping an eye on.

We were told Mac is an ex barrel racer.  We are not sure how old he is, but obviously a quarter horse.  He also is very gentle and enjoys attention.

All three horses are very laid back and care free.


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