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Bill when he first arrived as a calf.  He was only a few weeks old.  

Eric is a Brown Swiss calf that came to us in 2017.  We were asked to house him as a perspective 4H project.  When he arrived, his ear tag said Eric, but some people started calling him Bill, so he goes by both names.  He is pictured here a few months after he arrived with the mini sheep.  Because he resides at the sanctuary, he falls under our no kill policy, so he will stay at the sanctuary until he passes.  We think he is probably the biggest steer in the area.

The 4H project did not work out, and Eric/Bill has been here ever since.  Right now he stands over 6 feet tall at the shoulder, and 6 1/2 feet tall at his hind end and is estimated at over 3000 lbs.  He is truly a gentle giant.

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